Hey Honey

We recently got final approval from the state and are on our way to having honey available!  It’s getting to be late May, so hopefully within the next 2-4 weeks we should have enough capped honey from the hives to do our first processing run.  What is a processing run?  Our beekeeper ‘robs’ frames of capped honey from the hive and brings them to the licensed and inspected processing location.  The wax capping is removed from the frames of honey and then the frame is spun in a centrifugal extractor.  Lather, rinse, and repeat until all the collected frames are empty.  The collected honey in the bottom of the extractor is then flows through a stainless steel mesh strainer that keeps bits of wax, bee parts, and solid pollen out of the final product.  Once the honey is strained and collected in a bottling bucket, individual jars are filled and sealed.  It’s really that simple!  I mean, it’s a decent amount of work, but we don’t do anything to the honey other than run it through the strainer.

All that to say that we’ll be back somewhere between June 7-21 with beautiful jars of local honey that we hope you’ll enjoy as much as we do!