Phoenixville Honey

About Us

Phoenixville Honey is husband and wife team Douglas and Melissa who started beekeeping as a hobby in May 2015.  Now in our 8th season, we’ve grown into a business as of May 2019, producing honey out of hives for sale in the Phoenixville, PA area.  Our beehives are physically located in Kimberton, Phoenixville borough, East Vincent, and East Pikeland, and the bees roam throughout the area, typically in about a 3-5 mile radius of the hives!  We take a gentle approach to our beekeeping, taking time and care to do things slowly and watch for the signals bees and the hives give to let the beekeeper know what they need.  We look forward to selling honey that you use in cocktails, cooking, tea, with cheese, or by the spoonful for a special treat!

In 2021, we were featured on the Good Farms, Good Food, Good People film series celebrating local farmers and producers, filmed by Small Hill Films and Growing Roots Partners! It was an honor to be included along with some of our favorite local producers and if you’d like to watch the rest of the series, it’s available here.

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We do collect honey bee swarms, and the best way to contact us is via a DM on Instagram (@phoenixvillehoney).  If we don’t get back to you right away, there are two websites with local beekeepers who can pick up swarms.
Chester County – Link
Montgomery County – Link
We can only take swarms that are out in the open – if they’re inside a wall or structure, you want to find someone who has handyman or contractor insurance and can both remove the bees and clean up and patch up the space once they’re done!  Both links above note if the swarm catcher can do “cut outs” or only swarms in the open.
(We don’t post our email address or phone number on the website because it invites too much spam – the message form should go straight to our email inbox and we monitor it pretty regularly during the day!)