Spring 2021 Honey

This season felt like it would never get here after such a long Winter and now all of a sudden, BOOM, smack in the middle of a pretty incredible Spring honey season!  Our first two batches are already off the hives, and number three is waiting for the extractor as I’m writing this.  They’re that beautiful pale yellow honey that’s probably mostly from black locust trees.  Our bees go wherever they please, so we don’t have a true varietal, but I can usually tell what the primary source is based on color and flavor and what was blooming a few weeks prior to pulling honey off the hives.  The black locust blossom this year was a full week of sunshine, so the bees worked tremendously hard with no breaks for rainy days.

Can’t wait to work our way through the honey spectrum as it slowly shifts darker and darker as the season goes on.  All the hives are happy and healthy and in fantastic moods (they tend to get a little feisty in July, but right now, they’re 50% sunshine and 50% rainbows and they’re an absolute joy to work with), and Spring has been rather kind to us, especially now that we had a good round of rain.  More to come – hope to see you out at a market or as we drop off your order locally!